The World is Being Shaken Up: A Thought and Prayer

The world is being shaken up right now.
Can you feel it?
It will continue.
It’s revealing the beauty and ugliness in our hearts.
It’s shining a light on our walk.
It’s amplifying the words we speak.

People ignore the rumblings.
They stop their ears at the warning sirens.
They dig in their heels, convincing themselves that their wrongs are right.
Blinded by self-righteousness, they miss the mark, not realizing they perish in the quicksand of pride.

But there are People who see.
They feel and hear.
They embrace whatever is revealed of their own hearts,
as they labor to dethrone the idols exposed within.
They surrender to God.
The shaking of the world strengthens them.
They become eternally unstoppable.

Today, my prayer for you (and me):

My prayer for you today is that you will be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might.

I pray that your faith remains and that you will continue to bring for fruit and fruit that remain.

As the fires of life seem to envelope the world, I pray that you will not perish. I pray that you will be refined to reveal pure gold.  In Jesus name, Amen.


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