Deal. Love. Conquer. 

Accelerated Leadership For Schools

Let’s face it, right now, you do not need another professional development to dish out best practices.

Honestly, you have invested in countless in-services to little avail.

Strategies and tools are great, but if you are missing this one key factor, you will create an educational money pit.

The key is where many schools who are struggling with change, transition, demographic shifts, and academic achievement results completely miss it.

This key is
You matter as a person first.
You are more than a role, a position, a career.
You need to tend to you as a person and as a leader.
You are human. Everything that is part of who you are shows up in the classroom.
There is no escaping you.

The mind, will, and emotions of teachers and administrators often go ignored when becoming your greater self allows you to become an exceptional leader…and help the children you’re influencing realize their exceptionality.

Deal. Love. Conquer. allows you to ignite your life and your passion for leading and teaching even more.

The more you create a school culture where faculty, staff, and administrators honor themselves as more than just a role and make tending to themselves a priority, the greater impact the tools and strategies will have in the classroom.

Racialtude™ for Schools

Teaching Humans Not Academic subjects

A teacher who ignores the saliency of race in this country and it’s impact in the classroom does a disservice to the students and their families.

Children are humans who do not deserve to have their identities and experiences ignored for the sake of a teacher’s comfort.

Teaching requires bravery and willingness to challenge and confront  themselves in order to powerfully lead children  and facilitate their educational growth.

The more intentional a teacher is in continuing to grow and expand her/his Racialtude™, the more comfortable and effective she/he will be in connecting with students and families across race.

Children as young a 3-6 years old begin to perceive and develop an awareness of race. It’s not just from home or school. Children receive messages from racial attitudes embedded in society. After all, we are social beings.

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