Colleges & Universities: Start with U 

Accelerated Leadership

Each person has several aspects of their identities that typically remain stable throughout their lives.

On top of these, we have innumerable ways we are similar or distinct from each other from personality to birth order.

It can be overwhelming to develop inclusive spaces with the proliferation of identities.

It is doable and possible.

In order to have a positive and inclusive culture, each person needs to understand how these identities impact even the smallest of decisions as individuals. Creating inclusive and anti-racist spaces start with U.  In this presentation, participants will uncover how their identities not only shape the ways the think and see themselves, but also how they relate to others.

This dynamic talk explores the shortfalls of color-blindness and typical approaches to diversity and inclusion in education. The audience learns anti-racist steps to moving beyond these common pitfalls to accelerate growth as self-leaders. Benefits include:

  • Develop diversity and  inclusion practices that seamlessly promotes a positive and healthy campus culture.
  • Improve cross-cultural communication and relationships.
  • Skills to work through common diversity & inclusion challenges with greater ease.

Racialtude™ for K-12 Schools

Teaching Humans Not Academic subjects

A teacher who ignores the saliency of race in this country and it’s impact in the classroom does a disservice to the students and their families.

Children are humans who do not deserve to have their identities and experiences ignored for the sake of a teacher’s comfort.

Teaching requires bravery and willingness to challenge and confront  themselves in order to powerfully lead children  and facilitate their educational growth.

The more intentional a teacher is in continuing to grow and expand her/his Racialtude™, the more comfortable and effective she/he will be in connecting with students and families across race.

Children as young a 3-6 years old begin to perceive and develop an awareness of race. It’s not just from home or school. Children receive messages from racial attitudes embedded in society. After all, we are social beings.

Dr. Sam Kline is perfect for the following audiences:

  • Female Leaders, Career-minded and Entrepreneurial Women
  • Corporate Exec Teams
  • Government Leaders, Task Forces, Heads of States
  • Churches
  • Schools

How To Book

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AV & Stage Requirements

Dr. Sam Kline’s speaking requirements are the following:

  • —projector and screen
  • —lavalier mic
  • —no podium

Custom Built Messages For Your Unique Event

No two events are exactly the same, which means you’ll get a custom fit message matching to your audience. Core message topics are likely to be focused around (but not limited to): Deal. Love. Conquer., Racialtude in the Schools, Self-Leadership


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