Making Peace a Picture Imperfect Journey

I have learned to take a compliment. To simply say, “Thank you.”
To just take a compliment without minimizing it.

It took a looong time for me to say “Thank you” without some way of tearing myself down.

Still, I’m not used to someone wanting to take a picture OF versus WITH me because umm… well… How can I put this? Getting compliments on my physical appearance increased MUCH LATER in life.

It’s Friday night in Indianapolis. After an incredible conference reception, some of us caught the most amazing view of fireworks after the nearby baseball game. As I walked away, I spotted an old acquaintance.

We caught up. She was walking inspiration and encouragement, just like our last encounter. It’s the norm to meet powerful and kind women at this event.
What threw me off was when she asked to take a of picture of me.
Not WITH me.
OF me.
But, I said, “Sure. If you text me a copy, too!” (Yep, sent it right to the hubby.)
As I tried to act like I had it together, in my mind, I thought, “I don’t know where to put my feet. How do I pose? Put your hand on your waste-that’ll help.

Oh well. Just go with it, Sam. Smile.”


Picture’s taken.

This picture is my “Just take the compliment. Own it. Shine your light. Pop your awkward pose. Do the corny thang. Do You. Be You. Embrace imperfection in the journey” picture.

Yes, I don’t have to know how to perfectly pose to take a picture. Gotta start somewhere!

Here’s my word for you: None of us have to wait for everything to be perfect to step out and walk in our purpose.

I dedicate this picture to you.
The called.
The chosen ones.
I dedicate this picture to the ones who had that grown up who said they were pretty, when others around couldn’t see it.
And, honestly, neither could you.
Who lived inner beauty more than outer.
Because that’s all you knew.
Who reread that scripture about God knowing the number of hairs on your head for years until you finally agreed with Him.
This imperfect pose on a perfect night goes out to you.

This pic goes out to all the so-called late bloomers.
It’s for all the nerds, the geeks, and weird ones and wild ones.
The misunderstood and overlooked.
God sees you.
I see you.
Go change the world.

Here’s to the ones who weren’t invited to the pretty girls’ club, the petty girls’ club, the tear others down to build themselves up club.

Who treasured the book club, math club, chess club, and debate club—the anything but THAT club.

The wearers of all black in a land of pastels.
Who dared to fashion the too dark and too fat labels into crowns.
Who created oceans of self-love with your tears before it became a movement.
You’re the real pioneers.

I dedicate this pic to the dreamers. Keep dreaming.
To the too intense, too sensitive, the just too much.
To the overachievers and over thinkers.
And the true believers.
This picture is for you.

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