Deal. Love. Conquer. For Corporations and Female Audiences.

Is the media right when they say women are being held back? In addition to systemic inequalities, we, as women, can naturally hold ourselves back, too. Personal freedom always comes at a cost–and sometimes the cost of your freedom is higher than the next woman, man or child. Learn a new way of navigating life’s prejudices without getting stuck in them and a three-part mantra for overcoming the odds and creating extraordinary results in your life:

Deal. Love. Conquer.


Let’s face it… Literally, face it, because it’s not going away until you do. No over or undercompensating, over or under reacting.

No avoiding.

A BIG resounding YES to directly taking on challenges and taking on all of YOU.

Before You can deal with your co-worker, your employeee, You must gracefully DEAL with you.


So you are part of a corporation ran by and filled with humans. Yeah-Good luck with that. Or, we bring into the fore the humanizing power of love.

No fuzzy teddy bears and heart shaped candies required.

Love is one of the most commonly screwed up concepts. Learn to walk out the reality of love in reality as transformative and sacrificial. By doing so, you gain skills to disarm the power of fear, anger, and confusion that might prevent you and the overall organization from moving ahead.


Overcome it. Not just talk about it. Do it. Get in motion and bravely walk in victory. Old habits die hard and change ain’t isn’t always easy. Ever heard of FD Syndrome? Failed Diet Syndrome–Where you gain all of your weight back and then some after meeting your goals size. I just made up the syndrome, but I’m sure there’s a more suitable scientific name. Conquer is not a one-shot deal. It’s a lifestyle. Now is time to sustain your OWN new self-culture or a renewed organizational one.

Racialtude™ for Corporations

Why do people let a little thing like difference get in the way?

After all, only one human race exists. Right?

Attitudes about diversity in the human race continue to complicate how to work, live, play, and do business together.

Growing your Racialtude™ involves learning to be fully human as leaders in a diverse world.

To ignore it or minimize this essential truth places you in a slugglish uphill battle. For businesses to succeed in a local to global market, the race issue–a globally exported concept–impacts the bottom line. Period.

By challenging the lies of race and intersecting identities to get to truth of who you are as a human, you can create more inclusive spaces and company cultures where individuals lead more powerfully and simply— together.

Inclusion and anti-racism are not  comfortable processes.

They involve tough and rewarding work of confronting and growing your cultural lenses, especially the ones that are most uncomfortable. Conquering them allows you to navigate, lead, and create from all the other diverse identities that make everyone human. Change your Racialtude™, elevate your altitude.

Dr. Sam Kline is perfect for the following audiences:

  • Female Leaders, Career-minded and Entrepreneurial Women
  • Corporate Exec Teams
  • Government Leaders, Task Forces, Heads of States
  • Churches
  • Schools

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  • —no podium

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