Racialtude™ for Churches

Live as One Race in Jesus

When someone “gets saved,” they still have years of thinking and perspectives-norms they have received about life and race. It shows up with them when they go to their churches, workplaces, recreational spaces, and so on… Brushing off the prevailing racially divided church as matter of happenstance does not reflect the work of endeavoring to keep the unity of the faith. Christians have and receive messages about race from simply walking in this world. Now, how many of us live out racial attitudes like we are not of it?

This isn’t a matter of being a good Christian. Or determining who is racist.

It’s a matter of how much are you moving beyond the world’s way living racialized in the U.S. and living in a way that reflects Christ culture.

As a testament of Christ, part of our work is to transcend these schisms and love each other-not only in word, but in deed. As Christ clearly pointed out in his parting words, the world will know we are HIS by our love for each other- not your racial, ethnic, familial, gender groups, and such. Not just the members of your local church either. Our new culture in Christ shows in how we love another Christian.

Dr. Sam Kline is perfect for the following audiences:

  • Female Leaders, Career-minded and Entrepreneurial Women
  • Corporate Exec Teams
  • Government Leaders, Task Forces, Heads of States
  • Churches
  • Schools

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AV & Stage Requirements

Dr. Sam Kline’s speaking requirements are the following:

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  • —no podium

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No two events are exactly the same, which means you’ll get a custom fit message matching to your audience. Core message topics are likely to be focused around (but not limited to): Deal. Love. Conquer., Racialtude in the Schools, Self-Leadership


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