Going rogue about race, humanity, and spiritual things

Joy Reid, Sam Seder, and a Priest: Who Needs a Writing Confessional?

A growing trend within our U.S. society is to rummage through social media garbage and comb the archives of the world wide web to retrieve that one carefully selected, possibly taken out of context, tweet from 2009 to prove that a person is a sexist, misogynistic protector of the evil patriarchal order in efforts to Read More

She is Meghan Markle, Not Keisha Kaepernick

I do not mean to rain on Black women’s celebratory barbecues, which is a signal to ready the umbrellas. Look,  Meghan Markle is not Keisha Kaepernick.  In other words, she is not proclaiming a Black identity or racially politicizing her wedding or her marriage for a social cause like she is the female version of Read More

The Perv Plague is Real and Women Need Jerk Vaccines Against It

We have a Perv Plague. That is, a plague of perversion. Someone needs to say it. The Perv Plague is where perverts run amok, using insidious and manipulative tactics to leech the life and soul out of individuals and societies. Oh, and by perverts, I mean people who are trapped in perversion and, as a Read More

The Call For Trump’s Impeachment: Another Highway to Hell With Our Principles

I did not know AC/DC was a Christian rock band. Was “Highway to Hell” a prophetic song about these times? I ask because many of our principles in these and future (because there will be more) issues seem to be on either a Trump train or a wide liberal highway headed straight to hell. On Read More

Has #MeToo Been Whitewashed? Three Things to Stop and One Thing to Start

Has #Metoo become another case of whitewashing a movement? When Alyssa Milano asked for victims of sexual harassment or assault to tweet #MeToo, a viral response swept over social media. The problem is that Alyssa Milano didn’t start the campaign. A woman by the name of Tarana Burke began a Me Too movement 10 years Read More

How September 11 Changed the Way I View the Las Vegas Mass Shooting

Some situations are Black and White to me. Some situations are clear as day, while others are shrouded in gray. To discern among these situations requires that I examine not only the world around me, but also search my own views-my own heart. Since my immediate response and thinking surrounding September 11, I try to Read More

The World is Being Shaken Up: A Thought and Prayer

The world is being shaken up right now. Can you feel it? It will continue. It’s revealing the beauty and ugliness in our hearts. It’s shining a light on our walk. It’s amplifying the words we speak. People ignore the rumblings. They stop their ears at the warning sirens. They dig in their heels, convincing Read More

Making Peace a Picture Imperfect Journey

I have learned to take a compliment. To simply say, “Thank you.” To just take a compliment without minimizing it. It took a looong time for me to say “Thank you” without some way of tearing myself down. Still, I’m not used to someone wanting to take a picture OF versus WITH me because umm… Read More

9 Lies Holding You Back

And The Truth That Will Make You Free


With Dr. Sam Kline