Greetings!  I am away on holiday. Posts will resume by the end of the week of June 17, 2018. Peace, love, and all that jazz, Dr. Sam Read more

How Duckweed And Turtles Can Change Your Life

Duckweed and turtles can change your life. At one of my favorite parks, there is a small pond nestled among towering trees and shrubs, with a discrete opening to a gentle slope for those who venture closer.  Over time, the pond became completely covered with this unidentifiable green plant stuff. I had likened this green Read more

Sleep Woking Folks (“Stay Woke” Has Issues)

“Stay Woke” is so popular, you can buy a t-shirt and magically transform into the wokest of the woke. With this expanded understanding of how racism, and its intersecting oppressions shapes the social world, living woke has become critical to how you and I change the societal landscape. Amid the swell of growing consciousness, I Read more

Napping While Black: America’s Graduation Gift to High School Seniors

It is May. It marks graduation season in the United States. And Saraah Brasch, a White student at Yale University, recently, called the police when she saw Lolade Siyonbola, a Black student asleep in the common area of their dorm. To Brasch,  Siyonbola did not “belong” there. Now, I am thinking about soon to be Read more

Love and Gaslight: Does Spiritual Privilege Exist?

Love and light. It is not just a phrase used by your raw vegan, ginger and lemon shot drinking, and organic cotton yoga pants wearing friend.  (I am not vegan, but these things described my meal and part of my attire when I began writing this post.) “Love and light” is used among many who Read more

9 Lies Holding You Back

And The Truth That Will Make You Free

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