Why I Stopped Laughing at Black Comedians Who Dress As Black Women

I used to watch and laugh at Black male comedians who would wear dresses to mock Black women. I thought it was just a joke and there was no need to be so serious about everything. My thinking was a complete and ignorant cop-out. I no longer laugh at the social media viral videos of Read more

Beyond the Black Dress: Five Ways to Stop Sexism in Hollywood

When you have millions from the public and your peers applauding your fashion choice, I doubt you need to muster up the courage of a lion to wear a black gown to the Golden Globe Awards as a protest. But, what about the woman living the metaphorical black dress, feeling alone in her fight for Read more

Get Out of Your Own Way: Avoiding Turnpikes and Following Your Gut

I avoid turnpikes, toll roads, or whatever else you want to call them, as much as possible. Could it be the arbitrary stops clashing against my primal freewill? Could it be my subconscious prudence raising eyebrows at paying tolls? I do not know why taking these thoroughfares bother me as much as they do, but Read more

Give Civil Unrest a Rest: Three Things to Face Before the Next Race Riot Hits

I think we need to face a few issues about race riots. Since we are not bombarded with media coverage at this time, perhaps you are wondering why I am discussing the matter. After all, there is a reason why typically you do not hear friends say things like, “Ahhh, Friend, nothing like starting the Read more

9 Lies Holding You Back

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