It Was Not Your Best Year After All: Finding Heaven in a Hell Year

I went through hell this year. These days it seems rather taboo to own up to hell in your life. Screw that fakeness. I am not sorry to all the gurus, pastors, teachers, prophets, etc. who declared on their respective platforms about how this year would be the best year of your or my life Read more

Lessons from Cliff Rappelling and Why I Am Over It

I am a Black woman visiting Utah. I feel like a Black woman visiting Utah. I am still uncertain about what this even means. Hey, you know what? I can liken it to moments when select White friends discuss traveling to a country where People of Color were the majority, and in an epiphanous instance Read more

Does This Black Woman Think My White Husband is Racist?

I think there is a Black woman out there who might think my husband is some racist White man in leadership at a local health-focused grocery store. And it is not the case. Besides how can he be racist when he is married to a Black woman? Come on, some of his best friends are— Read more

Joy Reid, Sam Seder, and a Priest: Who Needs a Writing Confessional?

A growing trend within our U.S. society is to rummage through social media garbage and comb the archives of the world wide web to retrieve that one carefully selected, possibly taken out of context, tweet from 2009 to prove that a person is a sexist, misogynistic protector of the evil patriarchal order in efforts to Read more

She is Meghan Markle, Not Keisha Kaepernick

I do not mean to rain on Black women’s celebratory barbecues, which is a signal to ready the umbrellas. Look,  Meghan Markle is not Keisha Kaepernick.  In other words, she is not proclaiming a Black identity or racially politicizing her wedding or her marriage for a social cause like she is the female version of Read more

9 Lies Holding You Back

And The Truth That Will Make You Free

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With Dr. Sam Kline