The World is Being Shaken Up: A Thought and Prayer

The world is being shaken up right now. Can you feel it? It will continue. It’s revealing the beauty and ugliness in our hearts. It’s shining a light on our walk. It’s amplifying the words we speak. People ignore the rumblings. They stop their ears at the warning sirens. They dig in their heels, convincing Read more

Making Peace a Picture Imperfect Journey

I have learned to take a compliment. To simply say, “Thank you.” To just take a compliment without minimizing it. It took a looong time for me to say “Thank you” without some way of tearing myself down. Still, I’m not used to someone wanting to take a picture OF versus WITH me because umm… Read more

9 Lies Holding You Back

And The Truth That Will Make You Free

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With Dr. Sam Kline