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9 Lies Holding You Back

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In Part One, I unmasked three ways kind and loving Christians unintentionally support a racist world in their adamant refusal to examine their hearts about race. In this last part, I explore two methods employed by good Christians to maintain racism and the call to become bad. How Good Christians Maintain Racism Good Christians use a Continue Reading

If you have been in the United States for at least thirty minutes or exposed to any of our global media exports, you have received messages about race. Most likely, they were problematic. Instead of doing the Matrix moves of good works to prove how any of us are not racist, we need to just Continue Reading

In the Part I, I suggested that our purpose—God’s will for our lives is to live out gratitude. In the second part, I discussed the challenges of living our purpose with the proliferation of mass media and social media images. In this final part, I desire for you to understand gratitude as gifts-yes, more than Continue Reading

Every Woman Has The Chance

She can leave her mark on this world…or live by the same, tired prejudice of the past.

I want to help you break free of chains you’ve created in your own mind…holding you back…

I want to help you get fully liberated and free on the inside. To leave behind the naysayers and nonbelievers who don’t think you can do it…aren’t good enough…To ignore their demands of how you should look, think, and feel. And instead live openly, boldly, and an uncompromised life.

Welcome to freedom.

Meet Dr. Sam Kline

Truth Teller. World-Shaker. Self-Leadership Expert.

Dr. Sam Kline is no stranger to adversity and triumph. As a youth, she found her world turned upside when entangled in racially motivated accusations for crime she didn’t commit. She went on to not only be the first in her family graduate from college but to even earn her PhD. Dr. Sam Kline has committed much of her life and teaching to transcending race, mastering introspection, and building critical thinking in our social world. She is a Truth-Teller, World Shaker, Self-Leadership Expert, and aficionado of high heels.

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