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Greetings!  I am away on holiday. Posts will resume by the end of the week of June 17, 2018. Peace, love, and all that jazz, Dr. Sam Read more

Duckweed and turtles can change your life. At one of my favorite parks, there is a small pond nestled among towering trees and shrubs, with a discrete opening to a gentle slope for those who venture closer.  Over time, the pond became completely covered with this unidentifiable green plant stuff. I had likened this green Read more

“Stay Woke” is so popular, you can buy a t-shirt and magically transform into the wokest of the woke. With this expanded understanding of how racism, and its intersecting oppressions shapes the social world, living woke has become critical to how you and I change the societal landscape. Amid the swell of growing consciousness, I Read more


Lessons From Wing Walking (Including Pics and Video

For years, I have wanted to go wing walking. What is wing walking? Glad you inquired. Wing walking is pretty much self-explanatory. It is when a person goes walking on the wings of a biplane. I am not an adrenaline junkie and I do not have a bucket list. If anything, I feel like a bonafide scaredy-cat with a penchant for the occasional thrill. It was not always like this for me. Once upon a time, after a major rough spot in in life, I got fed up of letting fear stop me from trying new adventures. Even scaredy-cats get tired of fear...


Meeting Jesus at a Mosque (Days 15-21 of Quitting the Bible)

Whelp, last week, I ended up being the only Christian hanging out at a Muslim cookout. God moves in mysterious ways. I felt like I shed another layer of religiousness because there is much fear in some Christian churches about anything related to Islam. Contrary to particular teachings, I believe Christians can have the love of Christ dwelling richly in them, explore different religious perspectives, and connect with people of different faiths without it devolving into another grand concern about the precarious state of our souls...


What if Black People Called the Cops on White Children for Selling Lemonade Without a Permit? (And Other Empathetic Questions)

What if more Black people started calling the police for perceived infractions (minor) involving White people? For example, what if Black people called the police on White children for selling lemonade without a permit? Would some of us care more? After all, the disconcerting episodes of...

Each Person Has a Chance

You can leave your mark on this world… or live by the same, tired prejudices of the past.

I want to help you break free of chains you’ve created in your own mind… holding you and others back…

I want to help you get fully liberated and free on the inside. To leave behind the naysayers and nonbelievers who don’t think you can do it… aren’t good enough… To ignore their demands of how you should look, think, and feel. And instead live openly, boldly, and an uncompromised life.

Welcome to Freedom

Meet Dr. Sam Kline

Truth Teller. World-Shaker. Self-Leadership Expert.

Dr. Sam Kline is no stranger to adversity and triumph. As a youth, she found her world turned upside when entangled in racially motivated accusations for crime she didn’t commit. She went on to not only be the first in her family graduate from college but to even earn her PhD. Dr. Sam Kline has committed much of her life and teaching to transcending race, mastering introspection, and building critical thinking in our social world. She is a Truth-Teller, World Shaker, Self-Leadership Expert, and tree-hugger… literally.

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